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23 Feb 2014

Acrylic paint comes in a tube, just like oil paint. However, since acrylic paint is water-based meaning it dissolves in water instead of oil-based meaning you need to dissolve it in oil or turpentine, it’s much easier to clean up after. You can soak your brushes and clean your hands in plain tap water, instead of smelly and flammable chemicals. Another advantage to acrylic paint is that it dries much faster than oil paint usually overnight. If you’re working on a painting that needs to be done on time, that’s important. Acrylic paint was developed as a water-based alternative to  [ Read More ]

12 Feb 2014

Oil painting is exciting and easy. The techniques of oil painting are much simpler than etching or watercolor painting. Experts in oil painting go beyond the standard techniques to create special effects. But, for beginners there are some fundamental techniques of oil painting that must be learnt first. The different techniques of oil painting are as follows: Generally, to make an oil painting you need to thin the oil paint with a solvent such as turpentine in order to apply the paint in layers. Or, the other method is to sketch the image first with the aid of water-soluble pencils,  [ Read More ]

14 Jan 2014

Oil painting is an art where the artists have the freedom to be as versatile as they can be. Experts in the field have created mind-blowing masterpieces by being imaginative. Those who wish to learn oil painting should however first grasp the basics well before moving on to that level. Beginners in the field of oil painting need to keep the following things in mind during oil painting.     Dos: Keep your palettes containing oil paints in the same order as you paint. This helps in picking colors easily. Increase the proportion of oil (medium) for each successive layer  [ Read More ]


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