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brushA Few Tips to Enhance Your Enjoyment Of Your Artist
Paint Brushes:


Before First Use:

Bristles are treated for shipment and some may be slightly firm. Before first use, rinse with warm water and gently towel dry to remove any coating and excess bristles.

Brush Care Tips:

All brushes will last longer if they are looked after but if you’ve invested in artists’ brushes – make them work for you!
  • Don’t stand your brushes head down in the brush pot whilst working.
  • Keep acrylic brushes rinsed whilst working so they don’t dry hard.
  • After wiping and rinsing color from brushes, wash them in warm water and soap, you will beĀ amazeĀ  how much color rinses away. This will help to maintain their shape for much longer.
  • Shake washed brushes, dry handles and stand them uppermost to dry in a brush pot.
  • When not using store natural hair brushes in canvas rollup or with moth repellent.
  • Restore any bent synthetic brushes by dipping in slightly cooled boiled water for a minute or so.
  • Restore any splayed or bent brushes by washing thoroughly and then shaping up with Gum Arabic. Leave to dry for a few days at least before rinsing and using.

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